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The US hasn't 'given more aid' to Israel than anyone else, as if this is some kind of generous benefaction that has gone on too long. The US gives aid to Israel, all of it military aid, because Israel is a vital component, the most vital component, of US domination of the Middle East. It is not of course the only component. Saudi Arabia, the second most important ally, has no need of US aid, quite the contrary, it aids the USA. Egypt, another ally, receives the second highest aid after Israel.

Obama had no courage. He abstained on a UN resolution at the fag end of his Presidency having given Israel everything before that. Obama it was who rushed military replenishments to Israel when they were in danger of running out of rockets and missiles with which to fire during Operation Protective Edge. Obama it was who signed a new £43 billion aid programme to Israel over 10 years, a third higher than the previous aid bill.

This nonsense is based on the idea that Israel controls the US foreign policy and that the latter would be benign but for Israel's mysterious control Apart from lending itself towards anti-Semitic tropes (why should the US allow itself to pursue a foreign policy towards Israel against its own interests?) it is simply wrong. It fails to understand that US imperialism has and is devastating the whole planet, militarily and politically. Its 300 bases surrounding China, its interventions in a range of states as John Pilger has so eloquently demonstrated.

The main enemy to peace in the world is the United States. Israel is its vicious and nasty guard dog, willing to bite whoever snaps at its master. what is happening in Yemen is 10 times worse than the attacks on Gaza. Israel has little to do with that (I'm sure it is giving the Saudis some aid). The US and also the UK are the prime movers in this. Imperialist interests are the enemy and that means opposing your own ruling class in the USA - be it Obama or Trump