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This is why you shouldn't believe everything your mother tells you. The Algerian or South African people haven't become oppressors nor have the Irish. What turns people who were oppressed into oppressors is when they become colonisers and see the route to their salvation as lying in the colonisation of someone else's lands.

Both the United States and Israel fulfilled this. Incidentally the 'Jewish people' (in so far as there is such an identity which I doubt) did not become oppressors. Israel's Jews did - a quite different category.

No the 2 state solution is not 'slowly dying'. That assumes it was ever alive except in the eyes of fools, charlatans and the gullible. Zionism was not founded in order to claim sovereignty over part of the 'holy land'. It claimed the lot but unfortunately Yassir Arafat and the corrupt Fateh clique discarded any analysis of Zionism in favour of becoming just another set of Arab dictators. However the Zionist rulers were not intending to grant them that privilege.

Israel isn't a religious state. It is a state of racial supremacy, a colonial settler state, that uses religion as the identifier for the herren volk, the master race. Religion legitimises race in Israel but it isn't the reason for Israel being what it is.

Nor does Israel have any 'right to exist' anymore than any state does. Only human beings have such a right and a racist state certainly has no such right.