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My mother told me that when an oppressed people come into power they become the oppressor. It rang true then, and it rings true today. A little over two-hundred years what is now known as the United States was part of England's world colonies and today is a world power. The Jewish people, oppressed for centuries is now exploiting the Palestinian people. Even the United Nations has become a tool of the United States. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the two state solution is slowly dying and the hope may lie in a one state solution. But it must be democratic. Israel is not a democratic state. It is a religious state, a Jewish state. While I believe that Israel has the right to exist, I think it needs to be a democratic secular state where all races and religions are accepted and treated equally. Rima Khalaf has laid out the problem. Unfortunately, raw power is trying to make it impossible for people to know what is happening. Maybe the Noble Peace Prize would shine a beacon of hope on this issue.