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I think we should salute the probity of Rima Khalaf at first.

Many people dont know that there is not such situation as an Israelian nationality, there is a Jewish nationality for the persons considered as being Jewish, and a called citizenship for the others. They dont have the same rights. In discussions, representatives of Israel avoid the subject by speaking about the Israeli als being the subjects of Israel, who in fact do not exist. It is kind of absurd.
As it actually exists, Israel is not a state : it has no defined territory on which the autority of its governement applies, recognized by the citizens living in this territory, all of these citizens having equal rights towards this autority, these three conditions needing to be fullfilled to have a state in international constitutional law. For that reason, one could only recognize Israel when it would really be a state, and it can not be put as a precondition by Israel in the discussions with the Palestinians, - these preconditionby Israel is in fact a deadlock-, it can be the result of an agreement, for instance if the result of that agreement is the creation of two states.
As a matter a fact, for my opinion, one has to consider Israel, as it actually exists, in its reality a religious state. The consequence of it, is that a solution of the so-called Palestinian question, is per definitio not possible. So the the so-called peaceproces can go on for an other amount of years, as a cynical game, until the moment comes that it explodes. One may not think of it.
In the meantime these situation has a great direct negative influence in whole of the Middle-East and by reflection in the West, on the one hand because of the angriness the position taken by Israel provokes, on the other hand because of the policy Israel is developping toward the nabours. We can state these directly at the moment concerning the war in Syria.
It is all so much sad.
Excuse me for the mistakes in my English.