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Thanks, Ali, for linking to the report. Clearly, you anticipated its deletion from ESCWA's website.

And sincere thanks to Dr. Khalaf for her principled stand. The Secretariat's claim that this dispute centers on procedural rather than substantive issues is particularly flimsy. Neither the United States nor Israel have cited any evasion of the U.N. chain of command as reason for their hostile response to the document. They have been very direct and clear in that regard. They have denounced the report because they abhor what it says and what it demonstrates.

Guterres recently expressed regret that he was blocked from appointing former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad to head the U.N. mission in Libya. The Trump administration is thought to have rejected Fayyad's candidacy. Guterres now has a new cause for regret, though he is unlikely ever to acknowledge such sentiments publicly.

It's worth noting that the mainstream media are devoting virtually no coverage to the actual content of the report, preferring to convey the shocked outrage of Israel and the U.S. and to focus on dramatic internal events at the senior U.N. level. They have once again chosen not to contaminate their readers and viewers with sufficient knowledge to make up their own minds.