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Rima khalaf spoke the truth with stark evidence. Israel being pampered by the US is well known. Also the control and influence of the Israeli lobby on US government foreign policy is no secret. Anyone who criticizes Israel's unfair treatment of the Palestinians or questions Israel's legitimacy is punished. A couple of years ago Helen Thomas three times secretary to the white House under three US presidents was forced to resign despite 50 years of loyal service just because she questioned the legitimacy of Israel's occupation if Palestine. Answering press reporters who wanted her opinion on the Israeli Palestine issue she spontaneously replied : "The Israelis should go back to their respective lands of origin . When asked where they should go back to Helena said: ""go back to Poland,Russia,Germany,France, Ukraine and so on". This was taken back as an offence immediately as expected and in three weeks she was forced to resign from her post she had gallantly held for 50 years. Such is the influence of Israel. So Rima Khalaf's case is not surprising. As Helen Thomas ,God bless her soul, sadly remarked before her death :" Nobody can ever criticise Israel and hope to get away with it".